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Compagnie Fruitière in Senegal

Created in 2003 by Compagnie Fruitière, the Société des Grands Domaines du Sénégal (GDS) is today the major export horticulture company in Senegal.

It is located in the Saint Louis region, on the edge of the River Senegal, and develops its crops in greenhouses over 100 hectares, in open fields with 170 hectares of market garden produce and more than 40 hectares of fruit culture.

Cherry tomatoes, sweet corn and mangoes

More than 10 000 tons of tomatoes (cherry, cocktail and plum) are now harvested each year.


A conditioning station with electronic grading enables to prepare the sale of these tomatoes, in the best possible conditions, under the "Doona" brand, out of season compared to the European offer. Through the regular rotation of our ships to Europe, perfectly fresh tomatoes are delivered each week.

GDS also grows more than 150 hectares of sweet corn in open fields, for the European market.


A new 40 hectares plantation will shortly deliver mangoes.

GDS has the Globalgap® and the Tesco Nurture certifications, and has been audited to confirm  its CSR policy conformity by the SMETA framework