Our strategy pillars

To develop our business in harmony with our values, we are committed to making a lasting contribution to the socio-economic development of the countries where we produce and to reducing our impact on the environment. This strategy, which is based on very practical projects throughout our value chain, is deployed in three major areas.

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The first area concerns the well-being of the men and women who work for or with our Group. We are committed to constantly improving working conditions, promoting diversity, combating discrimination, and encouraging the professional development of everyone.

Our second priority is to reduce the impact of our activity on ecosystems, resources, and the climate. This involves implementing farming practices that are more respectful of biodiversity, as well as striving for greater energy sobriety, whether in transport or in our ripening facilities.

The third area concerns the positive impact we want to have on the communities that welcome us on their land. To achieve this, we participate in the development of the local economic environment and carry out actions aimed at improving the living conditions of the local population in the long term. To do this, we rely on close relationships with local bodies (NGOs, public institutions, associations, trade unions). All the projects initiated and run by Compagnie Fruitière can be found in our CSR report.

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