• In January, Compagnie Fruitière moved to a new local in Rungis MIN.
  • Purchase of a new ripening facility in London Gateway, England.

  • Purchase of a ripening facility in Bucharest, new subsidiary in Romania.

  • Purchase of two new ripening facilities in Italy: one in Rome (Centro Agroalimentare Roma) and one at the Interporto in Padua.
  • Establishment of a new sales office in Hamburg, Germany.

  • Acquisition of the Valentina plantation in Ecuador: 550 ha of useful surface area, comprising 150 ha of bananas already in production. The plantation is located in the Santa Elena region, 60 km from Guayaquil, in an area conducive to organic agriculture.
  • Acquisition of a majority shareholding in the United Fresh Services ripening facility in the Netherlands: UFS is located in the north of the Netherlands and covers 3,200 ㎡, has 32 rooms with a capacity of 41,472 packages/week, 7 days a week. A 17-room extension is under construction.

  • Purchase of the ripening facility in Stradella, Italy
  • Acquisition of the Valentina organic banana plantation in Ecuador
  • Establishment of first site in Latin America

  • Purchase of the Gyal ripening facility in Hungary and launch of the improvement plan for the Spanish and Portuguese network

  • Inauguration of the new Rennes site, the most efficient in France

  • Inauguration of the Wigan ripening facility in the United Kingdom
  • Compagnie Fruitière’s founders buy back the 40% of the share capital held by Dole since 1992
  • Increase in minority capital, participation in the share capital of Unigrains, Idia-Sofipaca, and Société Générale Capital Partners

  • Achievement of the Fairtrade certification for GEL and PHP
  • Acquisition of Massilia Fruits Distribution (Marseille), specialized in the potato trade
  • Acquisition of Dole Spain and Portugal, a commercial subsidiary

  • Acquisition of the Dole Fresh UK and Dole France networks, enabling, in particular, the development of the activities of carrier, ripener and distributor.
  • Compagnie Fruitière is now established in Lille, Rungis, Strasbourg, Rennes, Lyons, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Chateaurenard, Marseille and Perpignan.

  • Establishment of Golden Exotics Limited (GEL), the first large-scale banana and pineapple plantation in Ghana

  • Establishment of the shipping company AEL (Africa Express Line), a carrier and logistics operator: 9 ships and 2 shipping lines.
  • Establishment of Grands Domaines du Sénégal (GDS), the country’s leading market gardening company.

  • Acquisition of SCB, Côte d’Ivoire’s leading banana and pineapple plantation

  • Dole takes a 40% stake in the company

  • Expansion of production activities with the acquisition of 3,400 ha in Cameroon (PHP) consisting of a privately-owned plantation and a state-owned banana and pineapple plantation, and the development of other plantations in Africa.

  • Establishment of Compagnie Fruitière in Marseille, a family business, importer and wholesaler of fruit and vegetables from Africa.