Mapping plots using drones, monitoring pests using sensors, using service plants or insect traps… these are just some of the techniques that are gradually reducing the use of phytosanitary products and synthetic fertilisers. To achieve this, Compagnie Fruitière has been benefiting from the cutting-edge agronomic expertise of CIRAD and INRAE for many years. The WWF, for its part, is helping us to implement agro-ecological methods that respect ecosystems and biodiversity in the interests of more sustainable agriculture.

Particularly committed to providing social support in the countries where we produce, we have set up partnerships with Banana Link and the World Banana Forum to develop programmes aimed at improving the health and safety of workers, promoting gender equality, addressing pay issues, and encouraging social dialogue.

We are also stepping up out involvement in local economic development through partnerships with identified players such as classM, Clé des Champs, Pure Grow Africa and ASL in order to implement concrete solutions tailored to producers’ needs. With our partner IECD, we support agro-food entrepreneurs in launching and structuring their businesses.