The taste for forging ahead

Compagnie Fruitière’s vertical integration is the hallmark of its success. Control of the production, transport and distribution of its fruit and vegetables gives it a unique efficiency, particularly in the monitoring and quality assurance of the fruit and vegetables it markets. This integration remains a central focus of the company’s development, with the expansion of its production areas, particularly in Africa and South America.

The group is also convinced that future growth will also be based on the development of organic and fair trade production. The ambition to significantly increase the volumes of organic fruit and vegetables produced and distributed must eventually come up against the strong demand already present. Where it is not technically possible to produce organically, Compagnie Fruitière is working to develop pesticide-free production solutions.  Fair trade production is intended to be generalised.


Finally, Compagnie Fruitière is focusing on research and development and innovation to make a difference in the future in a highly competitive market. Examples such as the use of drones to limit the use of plant protection products or the production of gluten-free green banana flour indicate to us that with advances in technology and science, there are great opportunities for optimisation, growth and diversification.