The taste of good, the taste of organic and fair trade

Compagnie Fruitière has long put organic and fair trade agricultural practices at the heart of its production.

The constant increase in the area under organic cultivation is a central objective of the group, both in Africa and Latin America, to meet the strong demand for these products in all the markets in which Compagnie Fruitière operates. This implies the implementation of a real know-how at the production level. Specifically, organic agriculture does not use any synthetic chemicals or pesticides, so it requires finding alternative methods of soil fertilisation, with other agricultural sectors, such as cattle or poultry, for the production of compost. This is how a real ecosystem of partners who live and work symbiotically is built up. Organic agriculture is also comprises the desire to preserve biodiversity.

While it is not possible to set up organic production capacities everywhere, particularly for climatic and soil composition reasons, production under the Fair Trade label can be generalised. Compagnie Fruitière’s environmental and social involvement in the countries where its production sites are located has been a constant since its establishment and is now legitimised by the Fairtrade Max Havelaar label, which certifies the group as the world’s leading producer of fair trade bananas (in certified hectares). More information available at

The fast-growing organic bananas sector

The fast-growing organic bananas sector

Organic farming is on the rise and, despite the constraints linked to their production in tropical environments, bananas are...