The taste for mutual growth

Each of the group’s 20,000 employees contributes to Compagnie Fruitière’s success through their know-how, motivation and commitment to the company’s values.

Why join Compagnie Fruitière?

A wealth of opportunities in an international group

The Group’s constant growth and its constantly changing environment, particularly its development in Africa, Latin America and Europe, translate into a range of motivating career opportunities at the professional level: appropriate remuneration, rapid acquisition of responsibilities, opportunities for professional development and geographical mobility

 Long-term career opportunities

Employees are supported throughout their careers through training, coaching, tutoring, etc., in order to develop their skills and facilitate adaptation to various changes. Internal and geographical mobility is encouraged, allowing employees to complement their skills through exposure to other occupations, countries and cultures.

 An adapted and empowering management

Compagnie Fruitière is established internationally and it practises management that is in harmony with local cultures. This is based on dialogue, listening and respect for others. To develop its employees’ autonomy and involvement, the group’s policy is empowering, seeking to highlight each individual’s personality and skills in order to develop their dynamism and sense of commitment.

 Tangible benefits

Compagnie Fruitière is committed to a CSR policy that serves the well-being of all its employees. In Africa, as in all its locations, all the Group’s employees receive social benefits, particularly in terms of health, safety and education, and they benefit from a decent and respectful working environment.

 A friendly company atmosphere

Compagnie Fruitière favours a friendly atmosphere at all its sites, based on solid human relations and respect, solidarity and mutual collaboration. Generally, working for Compagnie Fruitière means contributing to the development of local communities by participating in the development of a group with an international dimension.

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Production Officer at Compagnie Fruitière

The production of fresh fruit is the basis of all Compagnie Fruitière’s activities. There are many possible jobs in the production sector: agri-food engineer, agronomist, production manager, sector manager, plantation manager, quality manager, packaging station manager, technician specialised in agronomy or irrigation, etc.  All of them are of great importance in maintaining the required high level of quality of our products while respecting our employees and the environment.

Transport Officer at Compagnie Fruitière

Compagnie Fruitière currently transports around 650,000 tonnes of fruit between Africa and Europe with an integrated logistics system. Consequently, we are seeking various profiles in the fields of logistics, transport, import and distribution, in particular profiles of logistics manager, transport operating agent, port logistics manager; land charterer, buyer, supplier.

Ripener, Distributor at Compagnie Fruitière

Compagnie Fruitière has nineteen ripening facilities, nine in France, five in Spain and Portugal, two in Great Britain, one in the Netherlands, one in Hungary and one in Italy. A ripener’s work is essential for the quality of the fruit marketed. Ripeners, who are always in contact with sales representatives and warehouses, must be methodical and have a good knowledge of the products and ripening techniques. The positions available are: ripening manager, ripener-inspector. The annual distribution of 800,000 tons of fruit, which is constantly increasing, requires well-informed commercial positions such as: product manager, sales representative, sales promoter, product inspector, etc.

Compagnie Fruitière support functions

Compagnie Fruitière support functions support the operational staff in their daily tasks and the company in its development and are in permanent contact with the various operational areas.  In finance, law, HR or information systems, everyone contributes to the achievement of our strategy of value creation and sustainable growth.

Students and recent graduates, join Compagnie Fruitière!

The recruitment of trainees, alternates and international work experience volunteers is the main source of the group’s talent and future executives’ incubator.

  • If you are interested in a long-term internship, send us your CV and cover letter specifying the position and location in question.
  • International work experience volunteer opportunities ranging from 12 to 24 months are also available in all our subsidiaries in various professional fields for holders of a European passport between the ages of 18 and 28.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the main positions available:

  • Assistant Production Site Manager
  • Assistant Agronomy Expert
  • Assistant Quality Manager
  • Sales Assistant
  • Assistant Site Manager
  • Logistics Assistant

Would you like to join a dynamic group with an international dimension? Feel free to apply!

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