Distribution and marketing

Compagnie Fruitière’s role does not stop with the production and transport of fruit; it also includes a third business line, distribution. It imports, ripens, distributes and markets fruit and vegetables from its farms but also from its producer partners. The group handles these activities perfectly since it has built or acquired nineteen distribution and ripening sites in the last fifteen years in France, Spain and Portugal, as well as in Hungary, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Italy.

It is currently at the head of the leading European network of ripening facilities, especially through the diversity of its locations, which are as close as possible to its customers, enabling deliveries to be made on the day of the order. Through its own on-site workshops packaging or by relying on external partners, Compagnie Fruitière offers different types of packaging (sachet, girsac, flowpack, net, etc.) and also works for distributor brands according to specifications established in the distribution channels. The group currently operates in three main areas: the promotion of organic and fair trade certifications, the reduction of packaging and the prevention of food waste.