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The taste for life since 1938
Compagnie Fruitière has been a family business since 1938 in Marseilles, is a leading producer in Europe and as well as the major fruit producer in the Africa-Caribbean-Pacific region, specialised in the production, transport and distribution of fruit and vegetables.. It produces, transports, ripens and markets more than 900,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables, including 750,000 tonnes of bananas in Europe and throughout the world.

The integrated handling of the entire supply chain, from production to distribution, gives it unique operational efficiency, as well as total control over the quality and taste of the products it distributes.

Compagne Fruitière implements a responsible approach which guarantees the sustainability of its activities. The group has implemented a proactive policy that includes respect for workers and the environment in all the countries where it operates.

« There is no good fruit without the passion to do well, the energy to excel and the respect for everyone and our environment. »
Jérôme Fabre, Compagnie Fruitière’s Executive Chairman.


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Compagnie Fruitière, more than 80 years of experience in fruit & vegetables.

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The bases of future growth: geographical expansion, organic farming and innovation.