Shipping lines

Compagnie Fruitière handles all transport-related issues, whether it is port terminals or ships. AEL (Africa Express Line), the group’s shipping company, operates a specialised maritime fleet of nine vessels all equipped with controlled atmosphere and differentiated temperature regulation systems, making it possible to control the fruit’s green lifespan. Compagnie Fruitière rapidly and regularly transports its fruit and that of its partners from fruit terminals in Africa in Abidjan, Tema, Douala and Dakar to Europe via Antwerp, Portsmouth, Port-Vendres and Vado.

The journey between the two continents is undertaken in less than 15 days, with an optimised maritime organisation that allows ships to travel at reduced speed, which is synonymous with lower fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions. Compagnie Fruitière currently wishes to continue to reduce the energy impact of its maritime transport while maintaining a high level of service quality. Alternative fuel solutions such as liquid natural gas (LNG) are being studied.